Because of poor colonial record-keeping, it is impossible to know who was John Chapman's father. In fact the history before John is questionable. It is guessed, using stories, geography, recollections, etc., that John is a decendant of Thomas Chapman. Thomas was a very early American settler, being in this country as early as 1610, in Jamestown, Virginia. He was a relative to Sir Walter Raleigh, and assummed he shared the same enthusiasm for the new world as Sir Walter Raleigh. Thomas lived near Sir Walter in Ireland, and was part of the Chapman's that left the old world for the oportunities of the new world.

Several Chapmans were among the first settlers, and because of the area they lived, the records that are available, and stories handed down from generations, it is believed that John 'the pioneer', was a decendant from Thomas Chapman.

It appears that John Brought his family to North Carolina in 1765.

John Chapman
Father: Mother:
Born: abt 1720
Died: abt 1780
Worked as:
Married to: Eurith (or Urith)
Married on:

1: John, Jr. - b. 1750
2: Enoch -b. abt 1752
3: Raleigh -b. 1754
4: Nicholas -b. 1758
5: James -b.
6 Nathan -b.
7: Sarah -b. 1769

: Nicholas - b.

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